21 July 2007

Nature Day

Its good to get away from it all for a while.. turn off the computer, put away the laptop, close your favourite program - and hit the outdoors. Obv i still think taking a camera is a good idea :D and maybe even an ipod.. and of course dont forget your phone.. but amidst all the irony and double standards, see something new. I took a trip in the limited sunshine on thursday with a good friend and saw so many amazing creatures i felt totally inspired by nature. You can check out some of the photos from the trip here

This critter was my definate favourite find of the day - he let us watch him sunning himself and stretching (looked like he was reaching for us) and then came down to our level for a bit of a frolic. We stood for a good 20 minutes in silence just admiring.


spotted this cool bit of type on a travel washbag at a relatives house..

which i think sits nicely next to this from the back of my car..

19 July 2007


A delightfully comic yarn by a master story teller, Whisky Galore tracks the effects of a whisky shortage, and then a whisky surplus, on the fictional islands of Great and Little Todday, in the Scottish Hebrides, during World War II. A tale told with a tremendous love for the people and the heritage of the Hebrides... i love the offset print colour overlaps. Another awesome Penguin..

All quiet on the northern front..

Its been a busy transitional period of late for me, moving back home after graduating, applying for jobs etc.. Sooo this all means i have a huge backlog of exciting things to post - so keep all eyes peeled over the coming days and weeks while i catch up! Also finally filled in those annoying gaps on by bag :)


Puccinos, awesome advertising..