16 June 2007

Spot the difference..

Pelican's latest album 'City of Echoes' i posted about recently landed on my doorstep quite expectedly this morning - a gift sent by an awesome girl from back up north (Lucy:D)
Aside from being an excellent instrumental album its a thing of beauty and wonder to hold, designed by Aaron Turner, possibly the smartest man in metal. His label(s), HydraHead (he also owns a share of Tortuga), has become the benchmark for quality in the doom/metal community, boasting a lineup that includes Pelican and Jesu as well as my favourites Cave In (who totally shred live). His design firm, Feral Pig, consistently pushes the boundaries of good taste/personal freedom with its art-as-crime scene manifest. And then there's the little matter of his band, Isis, kings of prog-metal.
So anyway, here's some quick pics of the CD in hand, City of Echoes, with always-delicious spot UV on matt stock...


Howies are one of those rock solid brands i think we've maybe come to take for granted. Having just spent a good hour reading everything on their website i think its probably time to give credit where credit's due. They always produce quality items and their award-winning design, packaging and point of sale is second to none.

My then girlfriend Aimee bought me my first Howies tee - an awesome design im not sure they've managed to better before or since. In saying nothing it gives the opportunity for us to say so much..

15 June 2007

Judgement Day

Well... thats it i guess! All over. 18 long years of education came to a happy climax this rainy falmouth afternoon.. Somehow i wangled a First so im pretty stoked about that(!) BIG congrats to everyone who got results today - i hope you all got what you wished for and deserved. Let the celebrations begin! :D

14 June 2007

Patchy memory

My parents travelled much of America before i was born and in most of the States they visited mum collected patches ... i rescued these from the rubbish heap.


A number of musicians from influential early post-hardcore/emo acts have formed a new band dubbed House & Parish.

The band features Jason Gnewikow (Promise Ring), Brian Malone (The Gloria Record), John Herguth (The Love Scene), and Scott Winegard (Texas is the Reason). I have been listening to a lot of GOOD emo recently (Christie Front Drive, Mineral, Jawbreaker, Hey Mercedes etc..) so i am particularly happy about this news!

You can find four songs on their myspace page. and you can download some of them here, kindly ripped for your convenience.

13 June 2007

le 65ism

Buck is back!! new album come September 18th (Situation) and a tiny tiny UK tour in July - anyone want to go to London to see him on the 20th July? i want to go soooo bad. For those reading this not in the know, Buck 65 is a Canadian Hip Hop artist, MC and Turntablist, (although recently he has moved away from Hip Hop in a stylistic context, now attributing more of his sound to Blues, Country, Rock, Folk and Avant Garde genres). That said, his new direction is seemingly still underpinned by an extensive background in abstract Hip Hop, his trademark rhyme-phrasing and lyrical presentation even evident in his altered timbre vocal exuperations displayed in more recent releases. He is also outstanding live and one of my all time favourite artists. I am soo stoked for this album, 'Secret House Against The World' was pretty hit and miss for me, so im hoping for a another blinder like 'Talkin' Honky Blues'

One lick..

I'm basically living on ice-cream at the minute (yes, obviously by choice) and so i thought this was quite appropriate...
(haha or not)

Amazing Stories!

Amazing Stories magazine, sometimes retitled Amazing Science Fiction, was first published in April 1926, thereby becoming the first magazine devoted exclusively to publishing stories in the genre presently known as science fiction (SF). It is regarded as the world's first science fiction magazine.

Created by Hugo Gernsback, with many of its covers by the legendary Frank R. Paul, it featured a much-imitated logo of the magazine name in ever-shrinking letters. Amazing Stories was filled with stories of "scientific romance". All totalled, his magazine covers exceed 220. Check out this website for a fairly comprehensive gallery of AS covers.

I flipping love the logo, if anyone knows anything about it get in touch please.

12 June 2007

This Was England

"This Is England is a snapshot of an era and a life that seems very dated now. It's about sticking up for mates and beliefs"

I'm super excited about this film. Most of my friends seem to have watched a downloaded copy, one even saw it on a plane, but ive chosen to wait and see it in the cinema first. Shane Meadows is an awesome British talent and i am expecting good things. You can read a short interview in the Guardian here.


This is pretty old, i did it a couple of years back when TEAiM as an idea was coming together. My stencil making skills leave a lot to be desired, as do my hand-letting and sometimes photoshop skills - but who cares. At the time i thought it was pretty cool. I keep toying with the idea of producing some branding for TEAiM / TEAiMWORK / TEAiM TALK but i kinda like the fact its ideas led and is bigger than one logotype could ever be. Remember people, there's no i in team..

Zee Germans

At our house we've just had the pleasure of entertaining a couple of lovely German girls for a week. That doesnt really relate to this post apart from the obvious nationality connection, but i thought i'd tell you anyway. Check out how gnarly this guy sounds!

Cherry picking

Jon 'Chez' Cherry has fast become a very important part of my life. He's been a very welcome breath of fresh air to the Falmouth scene and he's fast made it his own...im glad people like Chez will still bring the fun once my lot has left. He is of course an outstanding photographer aswell as being an outstanding individual. Check out his various work here. Or if thats too much hassle just check out below my selection of his Lomo shots. Love you chez x

f80 >

Holga >

Horizon >



Colour Wheel

Sometimes we dont need a reason for doing things.


I love comics.
I love comic book superheros.
Gambit is my favourite X-men character. (incase you wondered)

11 June 2007


Eclectic metal instrumentalists Pelican have launched a full album stream of their highly anticipated new full length. The record is titled City of Echoes and is came out on May 22, 2007. The Chicago-bred foursome is a perfect fit for their label home of Hydra Head Records, which is owned by Isis guitarist/vocalist Aaron Turner.

You can check out the whole record right here.

Hydra head also have a blogspot blog


10 June 2007

Seiz Matters

My university years have brought me into contact with many colourful characters - and they havnt come much more colourful than Gui Seiz. The hairy monster has kept me inspired and entertained for 3 years, and i will always be grateful for the help he's given me along the way. From the Friday night Fight nights sat in his kitchen watching the Contender, to font and book swapping, to nipple tweaking on the beach - Gui is rad. He also shares in part my love of the badge and has created some beauties im sharing with you here now... check out his portfolio to see more outstanding work. I think this guy might just be the one from our year to really make it big...