24 January 2008

Global reach

The guy above is Bobby. Bobby lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. Today he blogged about some work i did last year that took his fancy. It really is a small world.

Go check out his piece! to see what he had to say about Advice To Sink In Slowly.

His blog on the project was featured on NOTCOT.org, a web portal of sorts where people can post finds of visual interest - its awesome and i now check it daily. If you're not onboard - get with it people. Click the image below to go looksee for yourself.

21 January 2008

Immaculate Renovations

Thanks to the Coolhunter for this one.. check out the article here some amazing examples of renovated church buildings for residential and private use.

20 January 2008


Bobby and Chris, aka Telegramme, are my favourite image makers bar none. I had the pleasure of Bobby's friendship while at uni and have since worked with him on a couple of things. They produce piece after piece of excruciatingly beautiful work and I am always uber jealous of their skills. BIG things will happen for them, especially seeing as they've just moved to a space next to the old Big Breakfast house - a peanut factory! World domination is one step closer. IF you're clueless to who im on about please go and explore every single part of their lovely website and maybe order something from their webstore - i know as soon as i get paid i will be! Here is a small selection of their recent work that particularly caught my eye..


Famous Stars and Straps (of awesome belt buckle fame) Limited Ed 2007 BOH slime pillow...how i would totally blow $60 if i had it spare right now! Reminds me of all the gruesome things House Industries come up with and also Gui's gnarly surf-board graphics..

Drowning in a digital sea?

new Thrice video for Digital Sea. Nothing groundbreaking but a cool video for a very chilled track, nice work!

Thrice - Digital Sea

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