02 February 2008


I often used to wonder who read blogs, let alone who wrote them.. now i find myself doing both i love it, constantly inspired and up to date with the goings on of the creative world (well at least that that makes it online) Here is a graph showing the traffic of this modest blog... Ive never had lofty expectations for it, infact the idea that someone wants to see what ive posted is quite odd - but very heartwarming. To those who've stopped by, and especially to those who check back often - big thanks.

Biggest blogging related success so far has to be the feeling i got the other day when exploring one of my long-held design heros (Brian Ewing) site and behold there in his 'them' list appeared my very own blog! stoked 100%.


My friend Dan just set up a tidy little site for his photography..about time dan! Very neat and crisp, great stuff.

31 January 2008

Mo Money Celebrities?

Fun times. Money well spent!

To Do

the perfect solution for your shoddy short-term memory

A tongue-in-cheek tribute to anyone who’s ever
scribbled a reminder on their hand or wrist. Err, that would
be about everybody, right?

30 January 2008


Go check out this awesome piece of transitory type Marian Bantjes produced for Stefan Sagmeister. Explore more cool work on her site.

Her cover for the Guardian magazine is wonderful..

Dining in 2015

‘This spoon makes us softly feel that we live to be given the blessings of nature. It is designed with the wish that we think a great regards of dining more and more as human’s essential workings in the future’ - Shuhei Senda

Above is Leaf Spoon, designed by Shuhei Senda from Japan, one of the 3 first-prize winners of Dining in 2015. This contest, organized by designboom and macef, challenged designers to design a food-related product that would be useful in 2015 at work, in travel, or at home. No less than 4843 creative individuals and institutions from 98 countries have participated.

29 January 2008

Creature Comforts

Invisible Creature is the bomb. Seriously people, they have consistently kicked out some of my favourite design work for years - under various guises and in varied places (Asterisk Studio etc) Ryan and Don Clark (brothers, not lovers) who form the 'Creature also play in a band called Demon Hunter. More info on the band here Ryan somehow also manages to squeeze in Art Directing the Tooth & Nail family. Busy busy boys.

You can check out lots of their work and thoughts on The Creature Speaks, their blog.

I'm in the process of ordering some signed screenprints from them. Excited much? YOU BET. What follows is a varied selection of some of their beautiful output (click to make it BIG)


Thanks to Gui for this one..old news to some but a classic site well worth wasting hours on once you've exhausted Wikipedia and Dictionary.com