13 December 2007

Getting Creative

Thanks to CR for this one.. check their posting to read more.


This is epic and stolen from Gui.. thanks!

"Croatian creative agency Bruketa & Zinić have designed an annual report for food company Podravka that has to be baked in an oven before it can be read.

Called Well Done, the report features blank pages printed with thermo-reactive ink that, after being wrapped in foil and cooked for 25 minutes, reveal text and images.

If you are not precise, the booklet will burn, just as any overcooked meal. If you have successfully baked your sample of the annual report, the empty pages will become filled with text, and the illustrations with empty plates filled with food."

05 December 2007


Bryan Clark. Giant. Heavyweight. Superstar. All accurate when describing my former mentor. Now Grafik agree..

When i wrote to the Bryman about his most recent accolade he responded "rather pleased that Paul Rand is finally
getting off my patch!" genius. legend. hero.

27 November 2007


Father Guido Sarducci lays down some quality advice that would've come in handy during my happy years spent 'tossing the orb' on the beach in Falmouth. Skits on the HBMS album are h i l a r i o u s.

22 November 2007


Along with accidentally pulling out my headphones (which is my biggest pet hate) untangling the spaghetti mess i usually find in my pocket is a daily annoyance i often think i could do without.. seems like it might be a thing of the past! thankyouyoutube x

20 November 2007

Ideas Shelved

Covers is dedicated to the appreciation of book cover design. They update several times a week and i visit daily, to have my say.. Save for the occasional guest editor, the blog there is updated and maintained by Fwis, a design firm based out of Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR.

They have an annual post on the current state of bookshelves - quite apt really for a book cover design blog - and this years is a real treat. Tell me you don't want a Quad? "Asymmetry in perfect balance!"

while checking out some of these shelves my attention was grabbed by this little beautie - Heat Wave Radiator Designer: Joris Laarman, Price: US$11,119.00 (!) yeah i think that price is correct... ahem.. well its good to have dreams!


FORT DUNLOP is an interesting building with a great story behind it.. I drive past it to and from my girlfriends house on the M6 and my eye always is caught by the beautifully spaced lettering (illuminated at night) that was added to the building in 2006. Since Urban Splash got hold of the place its become quite the living space, before which it seems its primary function was to be the largest advertisement hoarding in the world. more info here.

13 November 2007

This Sucks!

Suck UK is an awesome online shop, crammed full of some wonderful products at expectedly high prices... even so, i REALLY want this chair for christmas... quite the bargain at only £3600!

and i think this re-working of the mix-tape is actually pretty cool!


RDInsights is a series of lively and informal interviews conducted by Mike Dempsey RDI with fellow Royal Designers.
They span a wide range of fascinating design disciplines.
The latest in this series of monthly RDInsights features Design Engineer and incoming Master of the Faculty Chris Wise RDI in conversation with Mike Dempsey RDI.
Next in the series features Ivan Chermayeff RDI, the Graphic Designer, available in December.

Download them all here...

The Banner

The Banner is a musical group from New Jersey with influences that range from late '80s hardcore punk and punk rock to heavy metal and "NYHC"-style metalcore...and they just put up most of their back catalogue for free download! sweeet.

ok heres the link... just click on it and then youll upload the zip file, then open that and take the folder out and all the songs are in there. If you dont have a program for opening zip files > www.download.com has free programs for it.


08 November 2007

Icelandic back alley happenings..

Buck 65 - Live spoken word in an Icelandic back alley...

01 November 2007

Free Saul Williams!

Saul Williams, the slam-poet/experimental hip hop artist has released his latest album, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggytardust. The record is a collaboration with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and has been released independently in the donation-suggested format popularized by Radiohead.

Unlike Radiohead however, Saul's album is being made available in very high quality formats from 192kbps-encoded MP3 to CD quality FLAC "lossless" format files.

You can get a free download or donate right here.

30 October 2007

Rise & Fall

Its that time of year again...to me the most romantic of seasons. Cold noses and cold toes. Amazing colours. Dragons breath. Scarves. Hot Chocolate. Cold lips. Crunchy leaves. Conkers. Mist. Low Sun. See what i'm on about here...

25 October 2007

The Fest

Those of us not fortunate enough to be in Gainesville, FL (at THE FEST) this weekend can now enjoy some of the bearded sounds of some of the finest bands to be gracing its stages - for free!
Tomorrow punknews.org will be posting a compilation cd for download - currently streaming here

The album features some of the bands performing at this year's event, with many of the tracks being new or unreleased. Included are bands such as Radon, Dead to Me, Banner Pilot, Small Brown Bike, The Gaslight Anthem, The Falcon, Sundowner, Fake Problems, No Trigger, The Swellers, Shook Ones, The Menzingers and more. Unreleased cuts have been provided by O Pioneers!!!, The Riot Before, Landmines and Nakatomi Plaza.

Artwork for the cd is by Mitch Clem, the internet cartoonist responsible for the cult favorite Nothing Nice To Say

24 October 2007


Go West...

Pretty excited about this...

Its turning out to be a good year for the Western in my opinion, what with the engaging Seraphim Falls and the excellent 3:10 To Yuma remake. I think TAOJJBTCRF will top them both.

22 October 2007

Hot Water

Ok so after seeing the mighty Chuck Ragan last week in Leeds i'm more than stoked to see that the legendary Hot Water Music are definatly reuniting!!

These guys are some of the most important and consistent people in punk.

Share the Wealth..

Comprehensive Photoshop shortcuts for versions 5 - CS3

30 'hidden' shortcuts for Photoshop

Kaliber10000 - AWESOME pattern website

17 October 2007

National Edge Day

Happy National Edge Day everyone! no idea what im going on about? check out the punknews.org news story here


Bit of stylish design found in the loft..

05 October 2007

Lost! (Melted?)

Anyone seen my ice-cream?


"How is Blackle saving energy?

Blackle was created by Heap Media to remind us all of the need to take small steps in our everyday lives to save energy. Blackle searches are powered by Google Custom Search.

Blackle saves energy because the screen is predominantly black. "Image displayed is primarily a function of the user's color settings and desktop graphics, as well as the color and size of open application windows; a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen." Roberson et al, 2002"

- One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind...

Black is back!!

04 October 2007

Third times a charm

If you're a bit slow like me you might not have caught sight of the new Sony Bravia advert... following in the heels of Balls and Splash comes the Bunnies! go see for yourself...awesome


Ive got a few books on aerial views, but this is the most charming..

01 October 2007

24 September 2007


How creepy is this window display, seriously?

11 September 2007

05 September 2007

True Love

My ring broke... but it doesnt matter, because im in love!!

Livin' Small...

These dreams'll raise you up
Some kids wanna be rockstars, and some kids wanna be firemen

But those dreams'll mess you up
If you're in it for the bright lights and the battle scars
It'll turn you into a liar, man

I don't know if I've seen a million faces
I'm not sure if I've rocked them all
All I know is I've met a lot of people
Filled a lot of spaces
Learned to jump and learned to take a fall
And if that's not livin' large, then
I'm happy livin' small

Well, most of us, when we go out looking,
as we do, for our lovers and our friends
Yea, we know it's not just supposed to
be about what looks good
We know it's not really all about the benjamins
Yea, but business is a lot like love and
business is a lot like friendship, isn't it?
Yea, well either way, if you just go out
looking for what's rich and hot
You'll end up with a piece of shit

I don't know if I'll make a million dollars
Yea who knows, maybe if I return those calls...
All I know is when I tune in,
turn on and go out
It's not my radio
It's not my tv show
It's not my rock-n-roll
Looks like one big fashion show
All these punk rock pimps and hoes
Sellin' this and sellin' those
Sodas, cars and phones
I mean, what's the dilly, yo?
This channel isn't clear at all
And if that's what passes these days for livin' large
Then I'm happy livin' small.

17 August 2007


Love the variety of illustrations found on sweets packaging - more foreign goodies to come soon but first...

16 August 2007

sign of the times

In Cheltenham a couple of weeks ago i spotted these from a moving car and had just enough time to shoot..

Setting Goals

So two nights ago i went to see SYG's! in Leeds at the Subculture and the gig just blew me away. Some photos are up here bt seriously, WOW.

09 August 2007

Hit The Beach!

Last night i drove to Leeds with my friend Ben to see some bands play.. The Common Place (venue) is a autonomous, radical social centre (apparently) comprising of vegan cafe, diy venue, cinema etc.. 4 bands gave it there all to the tiny crowd (comprising mostly of the other bands plus a few friends) and a jolly time was had by all. I took the opportunity to play around with some simple long exposure and colour bias settings on my digital, the results of which can be found here. I also got to rock my new Hit the Beach tee (as above), designed by HorseBites Design honcho Richard Minino - you can also check him out on myspace

07 August 2007


Woo everybody my sidekick ellie has a blog!!!

She also makes awesome badges... fantastic :)

Job for a Cowboy

Who doesnt like cowboys? I flipping love them. Billy the Kid (specifically the 1980's emilio estavez incarnation) was a huge hero of mine - and so i love most ephemera associated with the wild west. This book missing its dust jacket appealed initially because of the beautiful debossed cover, but inside i found some awesome accidental overprinted pages..

04 August 2007

Sacred Heart

Spent some time in the garden this morning and came across some amazing poppy heads that have become skeletal, super fragile and beautiful. Took a load of photos i think im going to use to make a cd booklet.

On a total sidenote, im watching the Scrubs episode where the lady hears singing and musicals - its awesome - 'Check the Poooo'