09 June 2008

My advice...

Advice to Sink in Slowly has had an amazing year..
Featured in American design magazine SNAP

In a special Creative Review supplement..

& on various blogs including Its Nice That...

Well another year has passed and its almost time for us to share our advice again with another year of budding young students... here's a sneak peak of my first offering to the cause -

08 June 2008

Free love

This one's on me..(There is no such thing as an easy relationship)


Goodbye spring... hello summer!

Hilter (unfortunately) did have some good design..

Onions appeared in our garden..

I was photographed for a Carling ad (ironic to the maxxx)..

No so...

My little slice of happiness, hard at work..

Here's a few photos and stories from the past few months..

Long time no see

So, the world keeps on turning whether i blog or not. Its been a crazy busy few months since my last blast of blogging, with a new job to keep me occupied and a girl of epic fantasticness to spend my spare moments with. For those not in the know, by day i work for the behemoth that is Linney Design, part of the ubiquitous Linney Group. You like ma tree? Swaz made it spin. Anyhow, its a huge design agency covering pretty much everything and in the 4 short months ive been there ive been exposed to amazing and wonderful things. I was welcome into the creative team and given my own client to creatively direct, quite a coop for a sprat like me. That client is Monster Energy Drinks, more info on them can be found here. Never a more decent group of people have i met, and im stoked to be joining them at Download festival this coming weekend - nice one guys!

(thats me far right enjoying a day out with one of the sampling teams)