20 November 2007

Ideas Shelved

Covers is dedicated to the appreciation of book cover design. They update several times a week and i visit daily, to have my say.. Save for the occasional guest editor, the blog there is updated and maintained by Fwis, a design firm based out of Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR.

They have an annual post on the current state of bookshelves - quite apt really for a book cover design blog - and this years is a real treat. Tell me you don't want a Quad? "Asymmetry in perfect balance!"

while checking out some of these shelves my attention was grabbed by this little beautie - Heat Wave Radiator Designer: Joris Laarman, Price: US$11,119.00 (!) yeah i think that price is correct... ahem.. well its good to have dreams!

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About Me said...

oh i do like a good book shelf. personally i prefer simple horizontal ones with my books obsessively colour coded on them. it looks niiiiice. i shall send you a pic sometime. xx