18 June 2007

And mine is... Casshern!

Ever since i sitting down to watch Casshern (then watching it through again, immediatly afterwards), ive been amazed by it. This live-action sci-fi movie based on a 1973 Japanese animé of the same name (Shinzo Ningen Casshân) is visually stunning, with my favourite soundtrack of any film (Theme song by Utada Hikaru)

In the future, in a polluted post-apocalyptic society called Eurasia after a war against Europe, the planet is devastated by the effect of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. The geneticist Dr. Azuma (Akira Terao) develops a technique called "neo-cell", capable of regenerating the body of human beings, the government leaders, guarding their own deeply entrenched powers, turn down the professor. Driven to complete his work, Dr. Azuma accepts a secret offer from a sinister faction of the powerful military. After an incident occurs in Dr. Azuma's lab, a race of mutant humans known as the Shinzo Ningen are unleashed upon the world. His son Tetsuya Azuma (Yusuke Iseya) dies in the war, but after an accident in the laboratory of Dr. Azuma, Tetsuya revives as the powerful warrior Casshern (using his neo-cell treatment that he claims can rejuvenate the body and regenerate humankind) Now only the warrior known as Casshern, reincarnated with an invincible body, stands between the Shinzo Ningen and a world on the brink of annihilation.

One of several films around the world that was produced almost entirely on a "digital backlot" (i.e. shot with the actors in front of blue/green-screens with all backgrounds added in post-production) This is considered a "live-action anime" and borrows heavily from standard anime techniques including camera angles, action backgrounds (i.e. lines indicating movement), acting styles, and plot elements. The film blends Japanimation and manga-inspired live action, resulting in a new kind of hybrid filmmaking that is both visually stunning and thought provoking. A wide range of animation techniques are also used, from state of the art to stop-motion. In places the movie also pays homage to the original anime, a 70s classic.

"Reincarnated with an invincible body to fight an iron devil. If Casshern does not do it, who will?"

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