24 January 2008

Global reach

The guy above is Bobby. Bobby lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. Today he blogged about some work i did last year that took his fancy. It really is a small world.

Go check out his piece! to see what he had to say about Advice To Sink In Slowly.

His blog on the project was featured on NOTCOT.org, a web portal of sorts where people can post finds of visual interest - its awesome and i now check it daily. If you're not onboard - get with it people. Click the image below to go looksee for yourself.

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jean :: NOTCOT said...

Hey Luke,

Awesome to see you found NOTCOT.org ~ Bobby's blog is Kitsune Noir - check out his post about your posters at

NOTCOT.org is actually a curated user submissions site (just click the polaroid to add a new image!) ~ where all of the images take you to great links to explore ~ it's an edited communal inspiration space of sorts!

~ jean