08 June 2008

Long time no see

So, the world keeps on turning whether i blog or not. Its been a crazy busy few months since my last blast of blogging, with a new job to keep me occupied and a girl of epic fantasticness to spend my spare moments with. For those not in the know, by day i work for the behemoth that is Linney Design, part of the ubiquitous Linney Group. You like ma tree? Swaz made it spin. Anyhow, its a huge design agency covering pretty much everything and in the 4 short months ive been there ive been exposed to amazing and wonderful things. I was welcome into the creative team and given my own client to creatively direct, quite a coop for a sprat like me. That client is Monster Energy Drinks, more info on them can be found here. Never a more decent group of people have i met, and im stoked to be joining them at Download festival this coming weekend - nice one guys!

(thats me far right enjoying a day out with one of the sampling teams)

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