30 June 2007

Rocket Maaaaan

Rocket belt, rocket pack, jet pack, and similar names, are various types of device, usually worn on the back, that use jets of escaping gases to allow the user to fly. The concept of these devices evolved from the 1920s when Buck Rogers, science fiction comic strip hero, used a rocket pack for travel (incidentally in the Amazing Stories publications..)

How cool are these things?! seriously. My first memory of a rocket pack was watching the 1965 the James Bond movie Thunderball featuring Bond (played by Sean Connery) attending a funeral of an agent of the mysterious organization SPECTRE in a French Chateau. The SPECTRE agent is alive and dressed as his own widow. Bond liquidates the enemy, then flees to the roof and flies away using the previously hidden rocket pack.

So if anyone is stuck for what to get me for Christmas this year, look no futher..

Boysetsfire also did a mean cover of Eltons classic 'Rocket Man'.
It doesnt get much cooler than this.

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