28 June 2007


Whatevers - Asda have produced these travesties of confectionary, attempting a streetwise update of the much beloved classic

Asda sweet buyer James Davies explained: "We thought it was time to update this old favourite. With sayings from characters in shows such as Little Britain and the Catherine Tate Show providing us with more and more contemporary slang, we thought we needed to reflect this."

Lovers of the English language will be delighted to learn that - for their 24p a packet - they will also be entertained by gems including "Bovvered", "As if", "Respect" and "Minger".

Whatevers are actually manufactured by Swizzels at its Matlock factory, and they own its copyright. Apparently, it's the only outfit with a machine capable of doing the embossed messages... shame on them!

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ellie said...

oh i love it...i had forgotten the genius spelling of innit. i need to get myself to an asda for some nostalgia. sigh. yay you added my blog to your list!! woohoo, thanks lucas. i will do the same as soon as i figure out how to work this whole thing...