09 June 2007

Creative Vandalism!

The city council of Glasgow has escalated a fight against illegal show flyers in a most mischievous way. Paid city workers are placing large stickers reading "Cancelled" across posters hung in prohibited areas.
An article in the Evening Times quotes a council source who commented, "We can be a complete pain in the neck to the people doing this because the money and time they spend is completely wasted. And there's no point getting in a designer to produce a fancy poster when it will soon be a mess that doesn't tell anyone anything."

Seems to me a lot of fly posters are a mess than fail to tell people anything anyway...

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Rose Reeves said...

thats an amazing idea! i love it.
sorry all has been quite on the western front. been playing on the beach and trying to do a bit of general organising in my life. but hey the sun has gone in so i'l be blogging it up again shortly....just doing a bit of research for diss. fuuuuuuun. maybe catch up later? or tomo?