07 June 2007

Lord Bunn Lives!

A good few years ago now i stumbled across a bearded wonder in a great little shop in the Forum in Sheffield, called Fuse. This man i could tell was a creative behemoth, just from the shape of his brain. We have kept in contact over the years and exchanged some exciting cds, post and handshakes. I like him a lot. He is also an ultra-illustrator, having done some fantastic work for great people such as 65daysofstatic and the like. Royal Stock is the latest venture of his, and one i am more than happy to promote. His own site www.lordbunn.com is forever in a state of pending, so just go visit Royal Stock or his myspaz. Oh and Bunn, im ready for that Hüsker Dü vinyl...x

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Calliope said...

Keep up the good work.