15 June 2007

Judgement Day

Well... thats it i guess! All over. 18 long years of education came to a happy climax this rainy falmouth afternoon.. Somehow i wangled a First so im pretty stoked about that(!) BIG congrats to everyone who got results today - i hope you all got what you wished for and deserved. Let the celebrations begin! :D


Richard said...

I feel for that Samuel James Vaughan Thomas.

Mainly for his name, but his result is also quite pitiful.

Man, I bet even I could pass your crappy art degree. ;)

Luke Tonge said...

I have no idea who you are...?

Sammy boy fell just shy of the mark!

Richard said...

I resent that.

I really do you bastard.

We spooned on my bed when we were younger and you can't remember who I am?!

No Die Hard for you!

Luke Tonge said...

Ooooh its YOU

hahaha well i know a few richards, but im pretty sure ive only ever spooned with one of them..

Holey Smokes! x

Rosie said...

Well done Luke! I had a feeling you would!!xx