13 June 2007

le 65ism

Buck is back!! new album come September 18th (Situation) and a tiny tiny UK tour in July - anyone want to go to London to see him on the 20th July? i want to go soooo bad. For those reading this not in the know, Buck 65 is a Canadian Hip Hop artist, MC and Turntablist, (although recently he has moved away from Hip Hop in a stylistic context, now attributing more of his sound to Blues, Country, Rock, Folk and Avant Garde genres). That said, his new direction is seemingly still underpinned by an extensive background in abstract Hip Hop, his trademark rhyme-phrasing and lyrical presentation even evident in his altered timbre vocal exuperations displayed in more recent releases. He is also outstanding live and one of my all time favourite artists. I am soo stoked for this album, 'Secret House Against The World' was pretty hit and miss for me, so im hoping for a another blinder like 'Talkin' Honky Blues'


telegramme said...

count me IN!!!!! i saw him at truck and was blown away.

Rose Reeves said...

I am loving his albums on that cd you gave me...i keep forgetting to tell you. and the madlib stuff. new fan here...well done for spreadin the love lukas x

Rose Reeves said...

p.s what is lime design......and why is it on your page...?