16 June 2007

Spot the difference..

Pelican's latest album 'City of Echoes' i posted about recently landed on my doorstep quite expectedly this morning - a gift sent by an awesome girl from back up north (Lucy:D)
Aside from being an excellent instrumental album its a thing of beauty and wonder to hold, designed by Aaron Turner, possibly the smartest man in metal. His label(s), HydraHead (he also owns a share of Tortuga), has become the benchmark for quality in the doom/metal community, boasting a lineup that includes Pelican and Jesu as well as my favourites Cave In (who totally shred live). His design firm, Feral Pig, consistently pushes the boundaries of good taste/personal freedom with its art-as-crime scene manifest. And then there's the little matter of his band, Isis, kings of prog-metal.
So anyway, here's some quick pics of the CD in hand, City of Echoes, with always-delicious spot UV on matt stock...

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